The Mill Creek Bird Project is Asking Novice Naturalists to Grab Their Binoculars and Gather Some Data About Birds

Go count some birds on Saturday while safely observing social distancing practices

click to enlarge A bird seen at the Mill Creek - Photo: Provided by Mill Creek Alliance
Photo: Provided by Mill Creek Alliance
A bird seen at the Mill Creek

Since we've been in quarantine, observing the natural world — especially the antics of birds — has become quite the entertaining pastime. 

If you'd like to take your novice bird-watching to the next level, consider helping out the Mill Creek Alliance's  Mill Creek Birds Project on Saturday, May 9.

Obviously, everyone has to conform to social distancing and safety guidelines, but the Mill Creek Alliance says, "We can work individually as citizen scientists to gather and record data of observations on the Mill Creek. No Experience Required."

If "unexperienced bird fan" sounds like it describes you, grab some birding supplies — binoculars, a field guide, a pad of paper and pencil, some kind of birding app — and head to the Mill Creek to count some birds anytime on Saturday. Saturday is also apparently both Cornell Lab's Global Big Day and Environment for the America's World Migratory Bird Day.

Then record your observations on the Mill Creek Birds Project website. 

The Mill Creek Alliance says, " In this way, we create a database of species counts on the Mill Creek that can be tallied across the year. You can upload your observations directly from the field using the cell phone app or you can upload your observations later from home. While you can bird from anywhere, for your observations to count in this project, the location of the observation needs to be on the Mill Creek."

The Mill Creek runs for 28 miles, starting in Liberty Township and ending in the Ohio River west of downtown.

And you can see some of the recently observed birds at 

And get more info about the Mill Creek Birds Project at

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