The Ohio Department of Health is Hiring Coronavirus Contact Tracers

Do you want to be a "disease detective"?

May 6, 2020 at 3:12 pm
click to enlarge The Ohio Department of Health is Hiring Coronavirus Contact Tracers
Photo: William Iven

Looking for a new part-time job? Want to do something that makes a difference during the COVID-19 outbreak? The Ohio Department of Health has posted links to jobs for contact tracers, both entry level and supervisor roles.

According to ODH, "The Contact Tracers are 'disease detectives' who will gather critical information from Ohio residents diagnosed with COVID-19 by identifying their contacts and calling every contact who lives in Ohio."

The job listing says the project duration is 12 to 18 months, it's part-time, preferred qualifications are "experience in public health, medical or related field" and "interviewing technique skills," pay rate is $18.59 an hour and the work is remote.

If you've got time on your hands, like talking on the phone and want to help track down people who have possibly been exposed to COVID-19 — like you're a health care Sherlock Holmes — check out the listing.

The state's goal is to get from the current "few hundred to possibly nearly 2,000" contact tracers.  

Because, as the ODH says, "Contact tracing involves identifying people who are likely to get sick because of being in contact with those who have tested positive. Contact tracing is an important part of us going forward in reopening."