The Ohio Renaissance Festival Hosts Limited-Capacity Magical Days, Madrigal Knights for Medieval Fun and Feasting

Most events have already sold out, so move quickly

Sep 22, 2020 at 2:28 pm
click to enlarge Corsets and masks on! - Photo:
Corsets and masks on!

Even though the Ohio Renaissance Festival has been canceled this year due to COVID-19 — and quite a few of the entertainers have chosen to “bow out for the season” for personal safety reasons — hope is not lost for those of you who wish to don some Elizabethan cosplay.

For just a few days this fall, they are opening their gates for limited capacity Magical Days, Madrigal Knights. These one-day events and feasts are filled with plenty of food and drink, vendors hawking unique crafts and entertainment from various performers. Sadly, all of the Madrigal Feasts — actual dinners hosted by Renaissance village characters — are sold out. But you can still get general admission tickets to daytime revelry on Oct. 17 for $10 per person.

Even if you do happen to miss these days, there's no need to worry: The Ohio Renaissance Festival is scheduled to return for the 2021 season, filled to the brim with all the favorites to make you feel like a king, including medieval jousting, sword fighting, mud slinging, insult masters, human-powered rides and jugglers, plus giant turkey legs and pints of mead.

And if you really miss the festival this year — emotionally and literally — nothing is stopping you from dressing up in your peasant’s best and donning a sword this Thanksgiving as you fight over who gets the legs. 

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