The Roommate (Review)

Stalker thriller is so dumb it hurts

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Single White Female redux would be a better title for Christian E. Christiansen’s The Roommate, except any connection with Barbet Schroeder’s film might lead audiences to believe that The Roommate has a hint of credibility, which it most certainly does not. This is stalker glam dressed up for the college crowd from some faux reality-based social network. Supporting co-stars Cam Gigandet and Alyson Michalka should have known to avoid this kind of failing effort because they are both graduates of Easy-A, an absurd teen comedy, for sure, but one that was at least smart and hip enough to emulate a winning formula (the John Hughes canon).

This is little more than a Platinum Dunes horror remake of a movie that never existed. Generic pretty girl Rebecca (Leighton Meester) deserves a needy roommate like Sara (Minka Kelly) because she refuses to read the blinking roadsides pointing to Sara’s blatant instability. A few years ago, movies at least pretended a post-ironic pose that let us know they were in on the vapidness parading before the cameras, but The Roommate is so dumb it steamrolls past irony back to where stupid is just that, stupid.

Beyond its connect-the-dots plotting and rote execution, The Roommate drags its way towards its preordained conclusion like a full day spent in the dentist chair with the drill inching closer and closer without ever reaching the inside of your mouth. Grade: F

Opens Feb. 4. Check out theaters and show times, see the trailer and get theater details here.
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