The Virginity Hit (Review)

Crude faux-doc comedy shows a stunning disregard for basic film techniques

Think of The Virginity Hit as a prequel to The 40 Year Old Virgin that, while focusing on the late high school days of a crew of geeky virgins, mines the same terrain of Miss March (the out-and-out raunch) and She’s Out of My League (although with none of that film’s considerable goodwill toward its protagonist or the object of his affection), a pair of post-Virgin kissing cousins.

The more surprising element here is the backing of producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay because everything about this Hit is crude — unbelievably so, in fact. It seeks to approximate the DIY-YouTube aesthetic as it documents, in excruciating detail, every miscue on the road to getting laid. But writer-directors Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland show a stunning disregard for visual narrative continuity, editing and sound mixing, which means that the movie and its simple story plays like a messy turd.

It's no wonder it takes so long for anyone to get laid here. In fact, we’re given every reason to doubt that anyone involved has a clue about the deed. Grade: F

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