User-Generated Doc Follows Banksy’s NYC Takeover

Anonymous international street artist Banksy has become a cultural icon and household name, despite the fact that no one really knows who exactly is behind the tongue-in-cheek graffiti and installations seen across the globe.

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Banksy Does New York

Anonymous international street artist Banksy has become a cultural icon and household name, despite the fact that no one really knows who exactly is behind the tongue-in-cheek graffiti and installations seen across the globe. The 2010 Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop gave us a glimpse into the secretive artist’s world, but really ended up focusing on the eccentric Thierry Guetta, “Mr. Brainwash.” HBO’s Monday night documentary also tries to track down Banksy, this time utilizing user-generated footage of the artist’s month-long takeover of New York last year.

In Banksy Does New York (9 p.m. Monday, HBO), director Chris Moukarbel has compiled tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and more to document Banksy’s recent works. In October 2013, Banksy established a residency in New York City. Of course, this was not a traditional role at a museum or gallery (though he — or she — has exhibited in more traditional art spaces like those). Instead, each day, Banksy created a new painted stencil piece, installation or “stunt” in public spaces across the city. The project inspired a scavenger hunt for Banksy fanatics and casual spectators alike, eager to find the next piece — or even track down the artist himself.


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