Watch Out for Confrontational Mother Deer in Cincinnati Parks

And your yard

Cincinnati Parks has issued a nice reminder to avoid mother deer if you're out for a hike or nature walk, because they can be real assholes. (The deer, not Cincinnati Parks.)

Remember this helpful rhyme if you stumble upon a little fawn in the wild: "Stay clear of female deer," aka keep your eyes peeled for that doe and leave the fawn alone.

Cincinnati Parks says, "For the first few weeks of a fawn’s life they stay in the same area, not able to move around easily, a very fragile state, because of this mother deer become protective. Occasionally they will charge other animals when they get too close to the area where their fawn is located, this can include humans."

Apparently this is a specific problem in Eden Park near the Playhouse, where there is an especially aggressive mom deer right now, so take extra precautions around that area. 

Also, mean deer can be an issue in your own backyard, as witnessed by myself and evidenced by this shitty photo taken through my window screen. just. this. afternoon. 

I am not a naturalist, but I can safely report that the deer on the right was a girl deer and the deer on the left was a guy deer (he had tiny fuzzy antlers).

He was eating bird seed in my yard and kept trying to jump the fence into my neighbor's yard, at which point she would pop out of nowhere and charge him. Aggressively. Then he would run away, walk around my yard, act casual and try again. Then she would charge him again.

This happened like three times until he got the hint and jumped into the yard on the other side. 

She seemed very mean. 

I can only assume there was a fawn somewhere in that bush or nearby and she did not want him to discover it. 

Or I could be reading the scenario entirely wrong. Maybe she had some stash of berries or salt she didn't want him to eat. Or maybe they just broke up and she tossed him out of their grassy field. Again, not a naturalist. But she seemed extremely hostile.

I would not want to be charged by her. And I hope not to be. I will be avoiding this part of my yard.

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