WATCH: Rookwood's Toast to Fiona Super Bowl Commercial

Fiona the hippo and the Cincinnati Zoo partner with Rookwood for some positive messaging

Feb 2, 2018 at 4:43 pm
click to enlarge Thanks, lil' hippo! - Rebel Pilgrim
Rebel Pilgrim
Thanks, lil' hippo!

Local video production company Rebel Pilgrim may have done it again, making this year's "so Cincinnati" Super Bowl commercial. Their Rookwood toast to Fiona will air before kick-off. 

The Rebel Pilgrim team developed the concept and provided creative direction for last year's Cincinnati Bell "Home" commercial, soundtracked by local Folk faves Over the Rhine. This year they've paired Rookwood Pottery with the Cincinnati Zoo and sassy Fiona to tell her story and help bring people together. 

"The commercial was really a chance to celebrate collaborative relationships that are already here in the city — between Rookwood and the Zoo, between Rebel and Rookwood, between Fiona and the world," says Nick Pitzer, Rebel Pilgrim's director of digital marketing. "We thought the Super Bowl would be a great chance to celebrate a story that has brought people together."

"We know a lot of people might be watching the big game in a room filled with people cheering for the other team," he continues. "And maybe they've been on opposing teams all year, over politics or family fights, and maybe this could be a moment that would bring them together. We've seen Fiona's story bring people together all year and Rookwood has been celebrating that with their work, too. This is a chance for us to all remember we're a part of giant things together."

Watch the toast to everyone's favorite hippo below.