'Welcome To Night Vale' Podcast to Broadcast Live from Taft Theatre in February

Aliens? Murder? Brainwashing? It’s all possible in Night Vale – and now Cincinnati.

click to enlarge Meg Bashwiner (left) and Cecil Baldwin brought Welcome to Night Vale to Cincinnati in 2021. - Photo: facebook.com/WelcomeToNightVale
Photo: facebook.com/WelcomeToNightVale
Meg Bashwiner (left) and Cecil Baldwin brought Welcome to Night Vale to Cincinnati in 2021.

The wildly popular and fantastically weird podcast Welcome to Night Vale will broadcast live from Taft Theatre on Feb. 25. Tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Oct. 21.

When Welcome to Night Vale debuted in June 2012, it took the podcast world by storm. After decades of only hearing about radio dramas from parents and grandparents, a new generation of story-lovers round themselves glued to the speaker, eager for more details on the quirky, creepy fictional town of Night Vale. What makes

Night Vale so enthralling? It’s no doubt the way lead character and radio show host Cecil describes the odd and sometimes terrifying news of his town as if he’s reporting a back-up on I-75. Nothing ruffles his feathers or seems too unusual for Cecil and his neighbors. Floating cats in the bathroom are cute. Hooded figures wandering town seem normal. And a glowing, noxious cloud is… school board president. People appear and disappear and nothing seems to faze the residents of Night Vale. It’s like listening to a Twin Peaks radio update, except even the residents of Twin Peaks were often weirded out by the strange happenings in their hometown.

Even with nearly a decade of desert city drama and supernatural occurrences behind them, fans of Welcome To Night Vale still find themselves enthralled with each twice-monthly news report from Cecil. And now they can be part of the excitement (or at least partake in its delivery).

Cincinnati Night Vale fans can watch and listen to the live broadcast of Welcome to Night Vale at Taft Theatre on Feb. 25. Taft Theatre is located at 317 East 5th Street, Downtown.

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