What About Brian: The Complete Series (Buena Vista Home Entertainment)

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2006, Not Rated

This ABC ensemble series enjoyed a brief two-season run — really no more than a season due to its initial start as a midseason replacement in 2006 and it's shortened "second" season in 2007. A grand total of 24 complete episodes exist in the soapy trails of thirtysomething Brian Davis (Barry Watson) and his cohort of friends. The lives and loves of this consummate bachelor and his paired-off friends and family form the basis of a show that works best when used as a drinking game. Each episode contains at least two moments of characters doing or saying extremely dumb things to someone else and then must immediately following it up with an apology. Friendship, not love, should mean never having to say you're sorry, but at least the gang here is terribly likeable and engaging in a too-sweet way, enough to guarantee that they make for a passable diversion from whatever real troubles might plague viewers but certainly not worth settling in with for the long haul. Bonus features include a sneak peek into what would have been the third season. More fodder for the big shot drinkers. (tt stern-enzi) Grade: C-

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