You Again (Review)

Bland comedy is formulaic Hollywood pap

Sep 29, 2010 at 2:06 pm

You Again roams the realm of broad comedy (somewhere between a rom-com and what could be confused with a dramedy, if it had a positive IQ) involving the reunion and revisitation of high school class warfare as a social misfit (Kristen Bell) comes to grips with her brother marrying the popular cheerleader (Odette Yustman), with generational mirrors to be found in the relationship between the misfit’s mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the cheerleader’s aunt (Sigourney Weaver).

The blandly pretty bickering duo of Bell and Yustman could have traded roles upfront or even halfway through the movie without missing a beat and nothing at all would have changed, except that I might have possibly given director Andy Fickman (The Game Plan) and writer Moe Jelline a bit more credit for daring to toy with the studio formula. But that’s not why they were hired.

Audience reaction – This, Again? – and a steady stream out of theaters is the only signal we can send to Hollywood to prevent a travesty like this from happening again. Grade: F

Opens Sept. 24. Check out theaters and show times, see the trailer and get theater details here.