Ziegler Pool Hosts a Dog Swim on Sunday

The end of swimming season means pups get to play in the water

Sep 13, 2018 at 12:57 pm
click to enlarge Ziegler Pool Hosts a Dog Swim on Sunday
Photo: Zielger Pool

Ziegler Park’s Ziegler Pool literally goes to the dogs on Sunday during the pool’s second annual Dog Swim.

Well-behaved, licensed and vaccinated pups are invited to cool off and take a lap or two in the pool. Owners must sign a waiver and each dog must be accompanied by an adult. More rules and regulations are:

- All owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by their dogs.

- Aggressive dogs are not allowed at any time. An aggressive dog is defined as a dog(s) posing a threat to human beings or other dogs.

- If any dog is determined to be disruptive, in the sole discretion of Ziegler Park personnel, owners must remove dog immediately.

- Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated. If requested, dog owners must be able to provide proof of vaccinations (Parvo, Rabies, and Distemper) as required by the State of Ohio and license.

- Owners must clean up after dog.

Dogs must be leashed before entering and leaving the event area.

- An adult (18 years of age or above) must accompany their dog, one person per dog required. Kids are allowed with a guardian but use caution.

- Dogs must be under voice command at all times.

- No female dogs in heat, puppies less than 3 months old, or aggressive, unruly dogs will be permitted.

- People may not accompany their dog past knee deep in the pool.

- Rawhide and dog food not allowed inside the pool area.

- Ziegler Park reserves the right to deny admission for any reason or ask attendees to leave for any reason.

5-7 p.m. Sunday. $15 online; $20 at the gate. Ziegler Pool, 1322 Sycamore St., Over-the-Rhine, zieglerpark.org