Zookeeper (Review)

Kevin James comedy vehicle is a laugh-less mess

Jul 11, 2011 at 2:06 pm

Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company trots out Kevin James as a zookeeper in charge of a rowdy menagerie of talking animals and two women (Leslie Bibb and Rosario Dawson) battling for his affections. James steps into his usual nice schlubby-guy persona and throws the same slow-pitch game we’ve seen on the big screen and his television series The King of Queens, except this time out he’s got talking animals giving him advice on how to get in touch with his inner wild thing to land the right woman. Is it worth wondering what would happen if James actually, heaven forbid, stretched himself as a performer by working with someone like Paul Thomas Anderson (shades of Sandler in Punch Drunk Love) or even Judd Apatow (a la Funny People)?

If you’re thinking The Nutty Paul Blart, then you’re not only in the right ballpark, you just scored a walk-off grand slam on a passed ball. Somewhere in this big stinking pile of crap there’s a buddy pic about James’ zookeeper and a misunderstood gorilla (voiced by Nick Nolte) that could have been an attraction of sorts. Unfortunately, though, this absolutely ineptly executed series of half-realized series of laugh-less sketches will insult the intelligence of even its youngest audience members and most of the animal kingdom. Grade: F

Opens July 8. Check out theaters and show times, see the trailer and get theater details here.