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  • On the House

    Freshly minted gallery Northside House gives new art an old home

    By Elizabeth Wu

  • Music: Chaselounge CD Release Party

    Together for eight years, Chaselounge just completed its third (technically second) album, 'Hush of Sound,' which they're releasing in conjunction with a series of three release shows that ends Saturday with a performance at Molly Malone's in Covington.

    By Elizabeth Wu

  • Chaselounge (Profile)

    Foursome strives to create songs that stand the test of time

    By Elizabeth Wu

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  • Music: Lokua Kanza

    Lokua Kanza is a prolific singer/songwriter and one of the most accomplished Congolese recording artists. Kanza is currently collaborating with the Wacongo Dance Company and Africa Yetu, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting African culture, to put together

    By Elizabeth Wu

  • Events: World Wide Wednesdays

    Anyone who complains live music is dead in Cincinnati hasn’t been to Fountain Square in the summer. A diverse and exciting musical menu is presented just about every day of the week. This year, Fountain Square is adding international music to the mix. Th

    By Elizabeth Wu