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  • Spring Grove Cemetery

    The most famous ghost story of Spring Grove cemetery involves the grave of an optometrist named C.C. Breuer. The story goes that when Breuer died, he asked that his eyes be removed from his body and placed into a bronze bust that was placed on the grave

    By Jeff Morris and Michael Morris

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  • Sleeper's Hill Sedamsville Woods

    In the 1950s a man whose last name was Sleeper lived in a farmhouse up on this hill. He was a hermit, and he hated when anyone trespassed onto his property. He would take out his gun and chase them away. Other times he would chase people away with an axe

    By Jeff Morris and Michael Morris

  • Price Hill Potter's Field

    When the cholera epidemic struck Cincinnati in 1849, there was a desperate need for cemeteries throughout the city. Many were created based on the religious faith of those buried there, but there was also the need for potter’s fields—cemeteries built on

    By Jeff Morris and Michael Morris

  • Bobby Mackey's Music World

    According to the stories, Satanists took over this building and began using the basement to perform ritual animal sacrifices. They would discard many of the dead animals in the well in the basement. The stories go on to say that these Satanists were conn

    By Jeff Morris and Michael Morris

  • Walton Creek Theater

    The ghost here seems to be quite angry with those who enter the building. People will hear whispers from unknown sources telling them to get out. Recently, this phenomenon was reported by a sound technician who was working on a production. He left the bu

    By Jeff Morris and Michael Morris