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  • Golden Lamb Inn - Ghost Hunt

    When Jonas Seaman migrated from new Jersey to Ohio in 1803 and opened The Golden Lamb Inn on Broadway in the newly-platted village of Lebanon, he could never have imagined that more than two hundred years later his establishment would still be offering f

    By John B. Kachuba

  • Cincinnati Art Museum - Ghost Hunt

    Just as the Cincinnati Art Museum contains treasures from antiquiety to modern times gathered from all around the world, the ghosts that roam its cavernous halls after the lights are out are equally international and timeless. The Egyptian mummy. The med

    By John B. Kachuba

  • Cincinnati Music Hall - Ghost Hunt

    Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast. If music can, indeed, calm the hearts of wild animals, might it not also calm the restless spirits of those who have died and wander the earth as ghosts? I could think of no better place to find the answer to

    By John B. Kachuba

  • Heritage Village Museum - Ghost Hunt

    I've known Lonna Kingsbury for almost a decade and if she says a place is haunted, I believe her. Lonna is an artist, actress, and writer who has been involved with many arts projects in the Cincinnati area over the years. Once, Lonna was alone as she cr

    By John B. Kachuba

  • Neatherland Plaza Hilton - Ghost Hunt

    One thing I have discovered about ghosts who haunt hotels is that they have excellent taste. It makes perfect sense to me that “The Lady in Green” would still be searching for her husband after all these years amid the opulent French Art Deco splendor of

    By John B. Kachuba