Julie York Coppens

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  • Little Women (Review)

    NKU production is a heartfelt American classic

    By Julie York Coppens

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  • Pippin (Review)

    Carnegie’s magical quest is a handsome and noble attempt at perfection

    By Julie York Coppens

  • 101 Rules for Dating (Review)

    101 Rules for Dating (of which you will hear 20 or so…), a relationship seminar from the crack comedy team Megan Venzin and Emily Althaus, will make you laugh. An Art Academy lecture hall, complete with flip-up desks for note-taking, is the perfect setti

    By Julie York Coppens

  • The VindleVoss Family Circus Spectacular! (Review)

    Not so fast with that exclamation point. The VindleVoss Family Circus Spectacular!, a charming two-hander from Cincy Fringe favorite Karim Muasher (of Giant Bird fame) and partner Carrie Brown, has all the makings of a great show: An original concept. Me

    By Julie York Coppens

  • To and Fro and Up and Down (Review)

    A Fringe Festival without at least three Biblical satires? Blasphemy!But the little devils have come through again this year, thank heaven, so there’s no shortage of sacrilege on display. In a crowded field, Kleesattel Productions’ To and Fro and Up and

    By Julie York Coppens