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  • Facts About the Flu Vaccine

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) combine influenza and pneumonia deaths to come up with an average number of roughly 36,000 people dying each year, but it's estimated that only between 200 and 1

    By Matthew Kays

  • Improve Your Entire Being with Chiropractic

    Many people approach and enter our practice with specific nerve, muscle and skeletal complaints. Sometimes their problems are acute or chronic back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder or wrist issues

    By Matthew Kays

  • Healthy Bacteria and Your Digestive Tract

    Human bodies are living ecosystems of roughly 70 trillion cells. As in any dynamic and interdependent system, certain roles and processes rely on others for the proper function of the organism as a

    By D.C and Matthew Kays

  • Are You Worthy?

    One of the most misunderstood and rarely addressed aspects of wellness is self-esteem. I teach my patients about this subject and its far-reaching implications. How you value yourself affects not on

    By Matthew Kays

  • Optimal Well-Being

    Road to Wellness

    By Matthew Kays and D.C