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  • Reform or Retreat?

    Is the new health care bill a step back for women’s rights?

    By Samantha Bohnert

  • Events: Cincinnati Auto Expo

    Tired of looking at your car all covered in dirt, salt and snow? Then come to the 2010 Cincinnati Auto Expo where cars have been cleaned, buffed and shined for your enjoyment. Exhibitors include Audi, BMW and Maserati. Thursday-Sunday.

    By Samantha Bohnert

  • Get Involved: Help for Haiti Events

    The crisis in Haiti doesn't go away just because it's not the top news story, or because the celebrity telethon is over. We've collected some local events so you can do your part to help relief efforts in Haiti. These aren't all, just some ways you can g

    By Samantha Bohnert

  • Events: Travel, Sports and Boat Show

    There will be more than 400 exhibits on display at the Travel, Sports and Boat Show from various boat dealers, including Captain’s Cove Marine; information on travel and vacation opportunities from private resorts to outfitters to convention and visitors

    By Samantha Bohnert

  • Events: Gaza Massacre Rally

    For three weeks at the end of 2008, Israel inflicted airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, killing almost 1,500 Palestinians. The Gaza Massacre Rally starts at 1 p.m. Sunday in front of Hughes High School in Clifton and will go until approximately 4 p.m.

    By Samantha Bohnert