Best Of 2017

Best Artist Statement of the Year: 'Aural Latrinalia: The Bathroom Show'

Best Artist Statement of the Year

For their contribution to Aural Latrinalia: The Bathroom Show, the exhibition of sound art installed in six public restrooms around town, the duo Intermedio — Sam Ferris and Justin West — had this to say about their piece “Outdoor Inhouse” at the Weston Art Gallery: ‘‘ ‘Outdoor Inhouse’ engages the controlled, plastic quality of contemporary elimination and its isolation from natural environments while referencing a recently abandoned architectural staple of daily life prior to indoor plumbing.” Basically, a box housed inside a bathroom stall in the Weston Art Gallery featured a motion-activated field recording of nature sounds, captured inside an old rural outhouse, timed to coordinate with the time of day one entered the installation to answer their own call of nature. Weston Art Gallery, 650 Walnut St., Downtown, 513-621-2787,