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Best Goodwill Ambassador From Ohio to the World: Creeping Baby

Best Goodwill Ambassador From Ohio to the World

True, the 19th-century Creeping Baby doll discovered awhile back at Ohio’s Clinton County History Center looked more like a “creepy baby,” because time had been unkind to the wax originally put on her face to make the automaton/mechanical clockwork doll more lifelike. But because of its rarity and overall good condition, the DASA Museum in Dortmund, Germany, which is devoted to exhibitions related to the working world, borrowed it in 2016 for a show. That museum’s officials photographed Creeping Baby arriving and touring their city to show folks in Clinton County how honored they were to have this visitor from America. Clinton County History Center, 149 E. Locust St., Wilmington, 937-382-4684,