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Best Kentucky Dive Bar in Over-the-Rhine: 'Darkest Night at the Gnarly Stump'

Best Kentucky Dive Bar in Over-the-Rhine

Know Theatre’s Underground Bar has played many roles, including as a hip playground hangout following Fringe Festival performances. But in late 2016 when Know premiered Darkest Night at the Gnarly Stump, a new play by Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin, it transformed into a Kentucky dive bar — The Gnarly Stump — a place where patrons swapped tall tales and ghost stories and musician/storyteller Paul Strickland performed original songs. The result was a trip to Appalachia, right in the heart of deepest, darkest Over-the-Rhine. Theatergoers could get a featured drink, dubbed “Full Moonshine,” giving apple cider a Kentucky tavern bourbon kick. Yee-haw! Know Theatre of Cincinnati, 1120 Jackson St., Over-the-Rhine, 513-300-5669,