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Best Portrayal of a Badass Female Scientist: 'Silent Sky'

Best Portrayal of a Badass Female Scientist

Know Theatre’s production of Silent Sky back in April 2016 took a compelling look at gender equality in the world of science. Lauren Gunderson’s play portrayed Henrietta Leavitt, a real-life aspiring astronomer from the early 20th century who had to work doubly hard to earn recognition for her scientific insights, surrounded by male scientists who relegated women to supporting roles. Leavitt worked at the Harvard College Observatory and developed a formula to assess the expansive (and expanding) size of the universe — something no man had achieved. Actress Maggie Lou Rader played Leavitt with such luminous energy and commitment that it was easy to see why this pioneer of science and math made a difference. She was considered for a Nobel Prize in 1925 — until it was sadly discovered she had died of ovarian cancer four years earlier (you must be alive at the time of your nomination to receive the prize). Know Theatre of Cincinnati, 1120 Jackson St., Over-the-Rhine, 513-300-5669,