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Best Reason to Get Your Mind in the Gutter: 'MeSseD'

Best Reason to Get Your Mind in the Gutter

Ever wondered what’s lurking beneath your feet within the city’s massive, twisting sewer system? Know Theatre founder Jay Kalagayan did, and he’s giving Cincinnatians a peek underground into a gooey, alien world. MeSseD, a new comic book series written by Kalagayan and illustrated by local artist and musician Dylan Speeg, descends into the Metropolitan Sewer District, following a filter worker named Lilliput as she braves all manner of creatures and clogs in the depths of the tunnels. From a human-sized cockroach to monstrous alligator-crocodile mash-ups, readers get a glimpse into a surprising ecological area created by the waste that flows through the sewers. MeSseD,