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Best Representational-Realistic Painter Working the Streets: 'Cincinnati Toy Heritage'

Best Representational-Realistic Painter Working the Streets

This is a little bit of a tricky category because there isn’t really a real-life Mr. Potato Head, so you can’t call a painter’s depiction of him “realistic.” But all you need to have done is watch Jared Queen painstakingly, meticulously and lovingly paint his colorfully detailed renderings of Kenner Products-related toys for a new downtown ArtWorks mural to realize that this is what Johannes Vermeer might be doing were he with us today. If he liked toys. Queen’s “Cincinnati Toy Heritage” mural features beloved nostalgic characters, including Care Bears, C3PO, Strawberry Shortcake, an Easy Bake Oven and Sit N’ Spin. Mural located at 23 W. Court St., Downtown, 513-333-0388,