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Best Use of a 'Dumb Ledge': The Ledge Gallery

Best Use of a 'Dumb Ledge'

Upon renting a 400-square-foot apartment in Over-the-Rhine, Maya Drozdz proclaimed herself mayor of Tinytown and decreed that a seemingly useless “dumb ledge” in her home would become a gallery. She curated friends’ collections of matchbooks and baseball cards, designed and distributed bookmark-sized posters and let strangers in on her joke during Final Fridays. The Ledge Gallery silliness worked, and Drozdz has since opened a more serious enterprise. The gallery now occupies a windowsill at Your Friends & Neighbors, her artsy shop inside Left Coast Modern furniture store in East Walnut Hills. The new Ledge is a third the size of the original, but its impact on the art world remains undiminished. Ledge Gallery and Your Friends & Neighbors, 2803 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, 513-258-8461,