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Best Way to Get Your 15 Minutes of Insta-Fame: Cincishooters

Best Way to Get Your 15 Minutes of Insta-Fame

Local photographer Louis Rideout shares the Insta-love with his curated Instagram account Cincishooters. He chooses the best photos that use #cincishooters and reposts them on the popular account. You don’t have to be a pro or use a fancy camera to be featured. You get credit and a shout-out for your compelling capture. But it’s not all about you. The Cincishooters account spotlights all the things that make Cincinnati great. In addition to the typical landmarks and landscapes, you’ll be introduced to people, places and events you didn’t even know existed. Sometimes it feels like you’re looking at an entirely different city. Follow Cincishooters to discover your town, and use the hashtag to show the public what you’ve got. Cincishooters,