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Best Way to Relive a Childhood Love for Books: 'I Love Kids Books'

Best Way to Relive a Childhood Love for Books

When Julia Mace — a longtime Cincinnati writer and mother to young twins, Calvin and Max — found herself craving an art project, she bought her 20-month-olds some crayons and paper and then watched as they ate the crayons. Soon after, though, she saw them become enamored with children’s books, and was thus reminded of her own love for them. In 2015, she founded her art project I Love Kids Books, a blog ostensibly about “random thoughts connected to children’s books and my kids,” yet behind each informal book review, reading suggestion, childhood anecdote and childhood travail — often shot through the lenses of Calvin and Max — lies something more profound: a renewed appreciation for many of the things we inexplicably leave behind as adults. I Love Kids Books,