Best Of 2017

Best intra-party schism: state division: Ohio GOP

Best intra-party schism: state division

Things got ugly pretty quick for the Ohio GOP this year. Ohio Gov. John Kasich bucked his party and opposed their nominee for president. Other elected officials like U.S. Sen. Rob Portman hemmed and hawed about their support for Trump, saying no, then yes, then no again to a Trump presidential nomination. Trump’s campaign in Ohio was chaotic — few field offices, few volunteers — and he didn’t exactly play nice with the state party’s establishment. When the dust settled, Ohio GOP Chair and Kasich ally Matt Borges was out of a job, replaced by Trump loyalist Jane Timken. Despite the tumult, however, the party won big, picking up seats in the State House and Ohio’s electoral college votes for Trump. It was another instance proving that all previously established political rules were out the window in 2016.