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Best Cheap Dolsot Bibimbap: Izen’s Drunken Bento

Best Cheap Dolsot Bibimbap

Dolsot bibimbap is a Korean dish served in a hot stone bowl with rice, assorted veggies, a sunny-side-up egg and some type of protein — usually tofu, pork or beef. It’s served to you steaming hot and then you mush up all the ingredients with gochujang chili pepper paste, toasting the ingredients on the side of the stone bowl in the process. In Cincinnati we’re lucky to have multiple Asian eateries that serve delicious bibimbap — Riverside Korean, Sung Korean Bistro, Stone Bowl, etc. — but Izen’s Drunken Bento stands out from the crowd for its unassuming façade and college-friendly price point. Nestled in the student area of Clifton Heights, Izen’s casual décor (there’s a wall of exposed textured 2-by-4 beams you can graffiti) complements its selection of fresh sushi, $6 ramen and more than a dozen Korean entrées at less than $15, including dolsot bibimbap for $11 — a big hot bowl of rice, carrots, soybean sprouts, shiitake mushroom, zucchini, spinach and protein. Izen’s Drunken Bento, 212 W. McMillan St., Clifton Heights, 513-381-5905, searchable on Facebook.