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Best Chili Parlor Upgrade: Covington Chili

Best Chili Parlor Upgrade

The recently renovated Covington Chili parlor is a smoke-free gasp of fresh air is Northern Kentucky. The restaurant’s new owners updated the space with a non-smoking mandate and authentic Greek cuisine, while still keeping the dive-bar atmosphere that those who grew up slurping down its spaghetti know and love. The family-friendly casual vibe is typified in their motto: “Serving working people since 1936.” While the more things change, the more they stay the same, patrons can thankfully still find coneys, fries and three-, four- and five-ways topped with the same chili recipe the parlor was founded on 80 years ago. And just in case you’re one of the few rare people who don’t know exactly what they’re going to order at a chili place, the revamped website also has an up-to-date daily specials landing page. Bonus: Covington Chili also offers free food delivery to nearby Braxton Brewing Company and Hotel Covington. Covington Chili, 707 Madison Ave., Covington, Ky., 859-261-6066,