Best Of 2017

Best Croissandwich: French Crust Café

Best Croissandwich

The expanded French Crust Café is the first full-service brunch and dinner bistro in Findlay Market, and its offerings are as delicious as ever. With expansive windows and golden yellow walls festooned with colorful posters and ceramics from chef Jean-Robert de Cavel’s vast personal collection of très French memorabilia, it’s a Francophile’s dream — a Parisian café in Over-the-Rhine. And its menu is just as jaunty: note-perfect versions of dishes you’d expect for breakfast, brunch or lunch — a variety of quiches, sandwiches on croissant or baguette, omelets and, of course, a croque monsieur. As the “Crust” in the name suggests, there are many pastry-based options created by in-house pastry chef Jean Philippe Solnom, who clearly knows how to handle butter and flour. The les flat croissants are simple and Provençal, with three tempting options: chicken, apple and mushroom with sheep’s milk cheese; ham, Swiss and béchamel; and the quintessentially French tomato, avocado and brie — buttery, flaky, indulgent and just the right portion with a light frisée salad or soup of the day. The bakery also offers an in-the-pastry-case but off-the-menu pistachio croissant; think a nutty croissant aux amandes, but with pistachio cream instead of almond. French Crust Café, Findlay Market, 1801 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine, 513-455-3720,