Best Of 2017

Best Cultural Exchange: Elephant Walk Injera & Curry House

Best Cultural Exchange

Clifton’s Elephant Walk Injera & Curry House offers diners a real bang for their buck with a double-sided menu, featuring Northern Indian cuisine on one side and Ethiopian on the other. If you’ve never eaten Ethiopian food, it’s similar to Indian — stew-style dishes made with ingredients like chicken, lentils, cabbage and lamb (and beef, which you won’t see in Indian cuisine) that you scoop with bread. Instead of naan, however, Ethiopian food is served with injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread with a spongy texture and slightly tart taste you will either love or hate. The best part of such expansive offerings is it allows contrasting couples to order from whichever country they prefer. Elephant Walk also offers a daily lunch buffet with both styles of cuisine for customers to mix, match and try a bit of both. Other menu highlights include traditional Ethiopian coffee and naan wraps, stuffed with chicken tikka, lamb or paneer and veggies. Elephant Walk Injera & Curry House, 170 W. McMillan St., Clifton, 513-526-1555,