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Best Expensive Restaurant For An Affordable Lunch: Sotto

Best Expensive Restaurant For An Affordable Lunch

Spending the night out at Sotto is considered special occasion dining — with the candle-lit atmosphere and indulgent Italian pastas — but as of summer 2016, Sotto is also open for lunch. A midday escape from the cubicle drone or a clandestine destination for some bavette pasta con bottarga (pasta topped with salty fish roe), the sensible yet satisfying lunch menu features smaller portions and smaller price points on dinner classics. Featuring about 13 total items, you can still get fan favorites like short rib cappellacci or cacio e pepe — with gnocci instead of spaghetti — for less than $15. Entrées, including breaded pork loin and a take on their black kale Caesar with chicken, are under $20. Sotto, 118 E. Sixth St., Downtown, 513-977-6886,