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Best Family-Style Chicken Dinner: The Greyhound Tavern

Best Family-Style Chicken Dinner

The Greyhound Tavern has been serving classic fried chicken in Fort Mitchell since the 1920s. The exterior of the building looks like a big, old white house with forest-green shutters, and the interior has the same down-home feel, with round tables, wood paneling, checkerboard curtains and carpeting in one of the main dining rooms. The restaurant offers plenty of Northern Kentucky tavern classics, like a hot brown, meat loaf and pan-fried chicken liver, but the big deal here — in terms of low cost and high excitement — is family-style fried chicken night every Monday and Tuesday. For less than $16, get half a chicken, cut in house and dredged and fried with the tavern’s secret-recipe herbed flour, and multi-serving sides of mashed potatoes, country-style green beans with ham, buttermilk biscuits, creamy coleslaw and a boat of gravy. If you run out of mashed potatoes or beans, just ask for more. There are free refills. The Greyhound Tavern, 2500 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, Ky., 859-331-3767,