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Best Gooey Breakfast Sandwich: Cheapside Café

Best Gooey Breakfast Sandwich

Nothing says “rise and shine” quite like a golden, creamy egg nestled between layers of warm toast and gooey cheese; it’s like sunshine on a sandwich. And of Cheapside Café’s six breakfast options — served all day — the restaurant’s indulgent soft-yolk fried egg sandwich, topped with thick, crispy bacon and housemade pimento cheese on Sixteen Bricks multigrain bread, is probably the best, here and in the city. Wash the sandwich down with an espresso chinotto, a sweet and bitter iced blend of cinchona-bark tonic syrup, housemade soda and Deeper Roots espresso — co-owner Rom Wells’ invention. It’s a high-end hangover cure. Look for Cheapside’s second location, Cheapside Corner, set to open in Over-the-Rhine. The café will apparently make and serve its own inventive ice cream. Cheapside Café, 326 E. Eighth St., Downtown, 513-345-6618,