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Best Gourmet Egg Salad Sandwich: Bottle & Basket

Best Gourmet Egg Salad Sandwich

If you’re a vegetarian, eating a sandwich can be a relatively uneventful experience. There’s no Reuben or club or BLT; there’s just cheese, tomatoes and assorted greenery stuffed between two slabs of bread. But Bottle & Basket, a Wellmann’s Brands gourmand grab-and-go near Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine, offers an excellent alternative: a fennel shallot egg salad sandwich. Piled on a perfectly plush and crusty ciabatta roll, the salad is peppered with fennel and topped with red cabbage and pesto. If you’re feeling so bold, add some tomato and pickles and a bag of local Hen of the Woods Touch of Smoke kettle chips. It’s a perfect lunch or picnic for one. Bottle & Basket will also soon be opening a second location in the lobby of the Contemporary Arts Center. Bottle & Basket, 1400 Republic St., Over-the-Rhine, 513-381-6325,