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Best Import From The Left Coast: Whole Bowl

Best Import From The Left Coast

Fifteen years ago, native Cincinnatian Tali Ovadia opened a food cart in Portland, Ore. serving a single recipe: a bowl of brown rice, beans, black olives, cheese, avocado slices and lemon-garlic Tali Sauce. Within a few years, she had seven brick-and-mortar locations under the name Whole Bowl in and around Portland. In December her brother Micah opened a Whole Bowl on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton, the first location outside of Oregon. It’s a walk-up window serving two bowl sizes, a couple of drinks and not much else. Micah says the neighborhood has been super welcoming, and with the opening of nearby Clifton Market, foot traffic has increased. The secret to the bowl’s popularity rests with the Tali Sauce. A Google search finds blogger and YouTube video attempts to recreate it, but Ovadia holds her recipe close to the vest. Ask for a little extra spoonful when you order. Whole Bowl, 364 Ludlow Ave., Clifton, 513-751-2695,