Best Of 2017

Best Inaugural Coffee Festival: Pour Over Cincy/NKY

Best Inaugural Coffee Festival

On Nov. 20, CityBeat contributing writer Ilene Ross and her daughter Cami organized the city’s first coffee showcase, Pour Over Cincy/NKY, based on a similar fest from Ann Arbor, Mich., also organized by Cami. The Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen hosted roasteries/coffee shops, such as Deeper Roots and Carabello, which used apparatus like a siphon and V60 to brew samples of coffee. To complement the coffees, Grateful Grahams doled out desserts, and Pizzeria Locale presented their to-die-for budino pudding. The fest demonstrated what a diverse coffee scene Cincy has, and considering it was packed, we’re hoping for an even bigger fest next year. Pour Over Cincy/NKY,