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Best Jam Of The Month Club: Made by Mavis

Best Jam Of The Month Club

The grape jelly that has been a permanent fixture in your fridge for years just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to get a little frisky with your fruit spreads — like, apple-jalapeño jelly frisky. Made by Mavis jams are made the old-fashioned way in a French copper pot using the finest ingredients and organic spices to create delectable flavors like honey, pear and vanilla bean or pomegranate pinot noir. Their jam of the month club is available in periods of six months (a total shipment of nine jars) or a year (18 jars) and features three jars of assorted flavors of jams or jellies every two months. Individual jars are also available at several local farmers markets, retail shops and online. Whether you decide to treat your friends and family to samples or hoard it all in the kitchen is yours to decide. Just remember: With great jam comes great responsibility. Made by Mavis, 859-250-0881,