Best Of 2017

Best kegged coffee: M5 Espresso

Best kegged coffee

Hyde Park’s third-wave coffee shop M5 Espresso eschews local roasters for specially sourced beans from Seattle, Brooklyn, South Carolina and even Berlin, Germany. The menu is simple: batch brew, manual brew, Aeropress and lattes, plus a variety of Spirit Teas. But they’re one of the only coffee shops in the country to offer complex and creamy kegged iced lattes in the warmer months — espresso and milk rested and chilled in a refrigerated keg overnight. Last year they served a “deconstructed latte,” an immersive experience for true connoisseurs featuring a coffee flight with a shot of milk, a shot of espresso and a full latte, for a tasting trio. The shop also sells an assortment of gourmet chocolate bars, which are sometimes melted into their drinks, and sweets from cult-fave area bakery Brown Bear. The airy, open space is perfect for plugging in a device and zoning out while drinking quality hand-crafted coffee. M5 Espresso, 2717 Erie Ave., Hyde Park,