Best Of 2017

Best Musical Menu Series: Boca Cadenza

Best Musical Menu Series

High-end steak, seafood and pasta restaurant Boca marked its 15th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, it set out to push the limits of its already high standards. Enter Boca Cadenza, a dining experience inspired by Classical music and short, intense instrumental solos. The three cadenza-themed dining performances are held for approximately four weeks each — Performance 1 was titled Arc en Ciel, Performance 2 was La Truffe and Performance 3 has yet to come. Each installment includes exceptional food and wine pairings consciously and simultaneously matched by chef/owner David Falk and his team. The cadenza performances take place on the more fluid and relaxed second floor of the restaurant. With limited seating and required reservations, everything appears intimate yet inviting, encapsulating the expectation of the evening: relaxed yet indulgent. Diners can choose from a standard four-, six- or eight- prix fixe menus boasting intricate and seasonal dishes designed to leave patrons in awe. Go online for more theme details. Boca, 114 E. Sixth St., Downtown, 513-542-2022,