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Best Reason To Carb-Up In Butler County: Butler County Donut Trail

Best Reason To Carb-Up In Butler County

When the fine folks at the Butler County Visitors Bureau realized they had a wealth of sweets on their hands, they created the official Butler County Donut Trail: a collection of mom-and-pop shops that will render any and all pre-packaged supermarket donuts unacceptable forevermore. Among the highlights are the Red Storm Roll, a raspberry-filled donut with cream cheese frosting at Jupiter Coffee & Donuts (5353 Dixie Highway, Fairfield); the Little Chicago donut, an apple-filled donut rolled in cinnamon and sugar at Mimi’s Donuts & Bakery (2267 Millville Ave., Hamilton); and the Fruity Pebbles donut, a white-iced cake donut topped with the popular crunchy cereal at Oxford Doughnut Shoppe (120 S. Locust St., Oxford). With your completed (and sprinkle-speckled) passport in hand, swing by the Butler County Visitors Bureau to claim your official Donut Trail T-shirt. Butler County Visitors Bureau, 8756 Union Centre Blvd., West Chester, 888-462-2282,