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Best Superfood-Infused Brunch Drink: Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

Best Superfood-Infused Brunch Drink

Implementing a fresh menu that focuses on healthier foods, Thunderdome Restaurant Group’s latest venture, Maplewood Kitchen and Bar, serves up dishes and ingredients that would be right at home on the West Coast: cold-pressed juices, superfood salads, egg-white omelets and somewhat nutritious cocktails, one of the most thirst-inducing of which is the roasted tomatillo bloody mary. Made with Tito’s vodka, house-roasted tomatillo bloody mary mix and cold-pressed Super Green juice (a blend of kale, celery, spinach, romaine and pineapple), it’s topped off by a purple cabbage accouterment, like an antioxidant-packed hangover cure or a healthy boozy brunch. Who needs to chew your kale when you can drink it? If bloody marys aren’t your thing, Maplewood also specializes in coffee, with staff concocting specialty coffee drinks at the restaurant’s espresso bar using beans from local roaster La Terza. Ask for a cup of Brainstorm Coffee, the café’s take on the popular Bulletproof Coffee (coffee blended with grass-fed butter), a foamy drink that’s said to boost your brainpower and metabolism. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar, 525 Race St., Downtown, 513-421-2100,