Best Of 2017

BEST VEAL VARIETY: Scotti’s Italian Restaurant


Family-run for more than a century, Scotti’s Italian Restaurant is the kind of historic gem that diners need to patronize so it’s not lost to the sands of time or expansion of Olive Gardens. Multiple generations of the DiMarco and Scoleri families have made this eatery a Vine Street mainstay, with its quirky interior and slew of pasta options. The walls are covered in a schizophrenic pattern of broken tiles, old paintings and photos of Italian landmarks hung askew, red-and-white checkered tablecloths and colorfully dripping candles in old Chianti bottles. The old-school menu lists Scotti’s specialties, build-your-own pastas (with helpful definitions) and more than 20 different veal dishes — from scallopini ala Romano and osso buco to veal stuffed with shrimp and served in a provolone cheese and wine sauce. You’ve never seen so much veal. And the sounds that will serenade you as you ingest your calves’ meat? Opera. Scotti’s is named after early 20th-century opera star Antonio Scotti, so the sounds pumping through the speakers isn’t Muzak or clichéd Sinatra tunes, it’s Rossini and Puccini and Pavaratti — just another aspect that sets this landmark apart from the pack. Scotti’s, 919 Vine St., Downtown, 513-721-9484,