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Best Way To Make Your Home Smell Like A Bakery Without BAKING Anything Yourself: The BonBonerie

Best Way To Make Your Home Smell Like A Bakery Without BAKING Anything Yourself

There are plenty of reasons to visit O’Bryonville’s The BonBonerie bakery and café — owners Mary Pat Pace and Sharon Butler have been creating artful, delicious pastries and treating customers, staff and community like family for 33 years. The resulting excellence is evident both inside the bakery’s glistening glass cases and in the aroma emanating from one of BonBonerie’s pink carry-out boxes filled with homemade pastries, chocolates and torts. Such a box, once opened, will fill your kitchen and probably your dining room with the smells of a time when grocery stores didn’t mass-produce birthday cakes and people had time to bake things for themselves. Over three-plus decades, Pace and Butler have consistently refined and reworked their recipes, trying new things and booting the rare concepts that go out of taste. Visit their website for seasonal menus including the likes of chocolate eclairs, black bottom banana toffee torts, French macarons, honey vanilla pound cake, etc. The café also offers coffee and breakfast sandwiches, and you can always order the wedding cake or cupcake spread to show everyone that your union will never be threatened by weak pastry consumption. The BonBonerie, 2030 Madison Road, O’Bryonville, 513-321-3399,