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Best Way To Turn People On To Fermented Food: The Pickled Pig

Best Way To Turn People On To Fermented Food

The world doesn’t give proper respect to fermented vegetables, but fortunately chef Gary Leybman does. As a Jewish immigrant from Belarus who settled in Cincinnati with his family, Leybman draws on his Eastern European cultural legacy and history as a private chef for the ferments he makes for artisan pickling business The Pickled Pig, which he co-owns with wife Libby. After learning how to make kimchee (fermented Korean cabbage), Leybman fell in love with the process and began pickling his back garden, eventually landing on recipes for garlic beets, sauerkraut, curried cauliflower and lots and lots of pickles. His bestseller? His Napa Kimchee, which blends ginger, garlic and Korean chili with the classic fermented taste — not too sweet, not too sour. Currently The Pickled Pig thrives at farmers markets, bouncing between Northside, Madeira, Anderson and Findlay all year long, but Leybman has a brick-and-mortar location in Walnut Hills in the works that will eventually be a storefront and deli. The Pickled Pig, 513-748-7114,