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Best Wispy Thin Anniversary: Sugar n’ Spice

Best Wispy Thin Anniversary

Huge, fluffy omelets and “wispy-thin” pancakes — plus a kitschy neon pink exterior and retro Cadillac-teal booths — have made Sugar n’ Spice a bona fide breakfast institution for 75 years. The story about the restaurant, opened by barber Mort Keller in 1941, goes that Keller was on a trip to California and happened to stop at a restaurant for breakfast. He was so impressed with the pancakes that he ended up purchasing the batter recipe and opened Sugar n’ Spice a couple years later, serving its secret recipe “wispy thin” pancakes. One of the city’s most popular places for people of all ages and socio-economic groups to dine and socialize, new owner Steve Frankel has made updates to the menu, digging some old favorites from the basement archives and improving ingredients, moving from canned veggies to fresh. Frankel is also the guy behind the genius marketing plan of giving patrons little rubber ducks from Ace Toys on Reading — and passing out fried macaroni and cheese bites during long waits. It’s a charming quirk that keeps people coming back. Sugar n’ Spice, 4381 Reading Road, Avondale, 513-242-3521,