Best Of 2017



Jennifer Simone classifies her music as Soul — as in real soul, from her soul to yours. A self-described blend of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, whale calls, Gregorian chants, Nina Simone, Paul Simon, Erykah Badu, Elvis and “a ton of Jazz and Blues,” each musical performance is an improvised healing process. At her shows, emotions run high. People openly cry and she often invites crowd members to sit on the ground with her. People tell Simone about their problems before she plays. And after listening to what those around her are thinking, she incorporates those feelings into her music. She believes in the healing frequencies of music — that in the vibrations of noise, there can be comfort. Known for her use of looping sounds, her visceral and etheric layering transitions from a noisemaker to instrument to wind chime or her own voice, and she begins looping sound over sound, voice over voice, until her music falls like water into your lap. Jennifer Simone,