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Best Local Badass, Original-Music-Making Machines: 'Mad Anthology'

Best Local Badass, Original-Music-Making Machines

Mad Anthony’s “Mad Anthology” project made the famously (infamously?) prolific Robert Pollard of Dayton, Ohio’s Guided By Voices (who released his 100th album this year) look like Axl Rose. In late winter 2016, the Cincinnati Rock trio launched the project, for which the band promised to release a new song weekly for 52 weeks. The group accomplished the remarkable feat with a little help from their friends, collaborating with other musicians (including fellow locals like Jess Lamb and members of Alone at 3am, Ohio Knife and The Afghan Whigs), producers, video creators and other artists on the tracks (and sometimes accompanying music videos) over the course of a year. Perhaps the most impressive part of the endurance test? All of the songs are pretty damn good. Mad Anthony,